Instagram's Latest Animal Sensation Is an Adorable Hedgehog That Looks Like a Vampire

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Huff the adorable African Pygmy hedgehog is Instagram's latest animal star and if you don't know why, just checkout those ferocious looking fangs. The 3-year-old hedgehog/vampire from Utah has earn't himself a following of more than 16k people on Instagram thanks to his adorable antics and the fact that he's a natural in front of the camera.

Also going by his more formal name, Sir Hodge Huffington the Cricket Slayer, he was rescued by student Carolyn Parker after his previous owners mistreated him. Like many people in Utah and the world over, Parker sometimes suffers from seasonal depression. When Huff came into her life that's what lifted her depression and made her happy again, inspiring her to share their happy adventures together online. 

If Huff the hedgehog doesn't get you with his fangs, he'll get you by melting your heart. You can see more of Huff and his adorable antics over on Instagram.