Loveable Dog Portraits Capture Man's Best Friend from a Funny Perspective

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Some of you may remember that we previously featured photographer Serenah Hodson's work a while back when she did her Dry Dog Wet Dog series and it would seem her love for capturing photos of dogs at their goofiest hasn't faded, proven in her latest series The Upside of Dogs.

Following her own unique a fun take on mans best friend this time Hodson's dog portraits feature subjects of all breeds, sizes and shapes laying on their backs looking up at the camera in what has to be her most adorable project yet. Paws in the air each and everyone of these pooches looks like they're just ready for a hug and we'd quite happily oblige!.

We're also quite jealous of them too, getting to lounge around on a comfy bed whilst also looking effortlessly adorable is something that many of us can only dream of. They make look goofy, but you can't help but say aww. You can see more of Hodson's work on her website and Facebook page.