When You See What This Artist Does with Chewing Gum You Won’t Be Able to Look Away

Rather than simply chew gum commercial photographer Sam Kaplan chooses to create impressive structures from it and they’ll change the way you look at chewing gum forever, neatly stacking hundreds of pieces of gum on top of each other often in a criss cross pattern that mimics bricks to form columns, arches, pyramids and impressive skyscraper-like structures.

The end result of Kaplan’s creativity is a vibrant and somewhat satisfying image that grabs you and draws you in. Even more impressive is that they’re created with minimal digital manipulation, meaning that these gum structures are real and haven’t been created using Photoshop or 3D rendering software.

Each piece is made up of around 500 individual pieces of gum and you can see more ‘behind the scene’ photos of how they’re made over on his Instagram.

Source: samkaplan.com

h/t Colossal

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