Restaurant in India Puts Fridge in the Street so Hungry People Can Have the Leftovers

It comes as no surprise that local restaurants all the way up to the biggest food chains, supermarkets and other businesses out there throw away a lot of food waste and although some are taking steps to reduce this waste, few of them are seeking to put the remainder to good use.

One restaurant owner though in Kochi, India, is doing her bit to help others. After seeing a homeless woman eating from a trashcan Minu Pauline knew she had to help and came up with a clever solution – placing a fridge outside her restaurant which is open 24/7. 

The fridge is free for everyone and allows the homeless and hungry to get themselves something to eat. Each day Pauline leaves around 75-80 portions in the fridge and often receives donations from people visiting her restaurant as well as kind hearted patrons.

Pauline also has an important and powerful message, “Money is yours,” she said in an interview with The Huffington Post. “But resources belong to society. That’s the message I want to send out. If you’re wasting your money…you’re wasting society’s resources.”

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