Stunning Solar Powered Bulb Installation Lights up a Section of Australian Desert

As of April 1st Australia’s Red Centre desert near Ayers Rock is home to an otherworldly site that’s been created using more than 50,000 solar powered bulbs to light up an area the size of four football fields. The installation which is titled Field of Light Uluru was created by artist Bruce Munro who first came up with the idea whilst on a visit to Uluru in 1992. Since then the installation has popped up in several places around the United Kingdom, United States and Mexico.

Best known for his light installations Munro’s creations often contain thousands of components. Inspired by the dry and often baron landscape that remains dormant during the day, he strives to bring the deserts floor to life as soon as the sun goes down. The end result is pretty incredible.

h/t Colossal

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