Thanks to This Traveller T-Shirt You’ll Always Be Able to Speak Any Language

We’ve all been in that awkward situation whilst travelling, where you’ve failed to even grasp the basics of the local language and all of a sudden just asking for a room at a hotel becomes a difficult task but thanks to the IconSpeak T-shirt all of that should be an issue of the past.

Whilst situated on an observation post located somewhere in Kandahar, Afghanistan, three friends, George, Steven and Florian had nothing but rations to fill their bellies. Struggling to communicate with the locals that they wanted some ‘proper food’ they decided to spend their free time sketching out elaborate drawings which picture what they want instead. Immediately they were able to tell the locals they wanted food, saving them from living off of rations for the rest of their stay.

It was these events that inspired the IconSpeak T-shirt with its 40 universal printed icons, perfect for the moments when you don’t speak the local language on your travels but need to communicate. Had George, Steven and Florian had the T-shirt when they were out in Afghanistan they could have saved themselves 2 weeks of living off just rations. Thanks to an idea as simple but effective as IconSpeak now others won’t have that same trouble!. Find out more over at


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