This Bride Broke Every Rule in the Book with Her Beautiful Black Dress

Rather than opt for a traditional dress on her wedding day Australian blogger Sophie Cachia decided to break every rule in the book. Instead of choosing to wear a traditional white wedding dress she choose the complete opposite, a beautiful black dress that’s been grabbing a lot of people’s attention for all the right reasons.

Her husband, Jaryd, also dressed up a little differently to your typical groom, choosing to wear a maroon dinner jacket with a shirt, bow tie and leather pants. Despite their unusual approach to a white wedding Cachia insists that it has nothing to do with the idea that ‘white wedding dresses are for virgins’.

The couple already have an 18-month-old baby boy named Bobby “proof that that boat sailed years ago,” says Cachia. Instead the couple choose their outfits to suit them, proof that traditions are there to be broken. Here’s to wishing them a happy future together!.

Australian blogger Sophie Cachia didn’t want a traditional wedding.

When she pictured her big day she’d never once imagined herself in a white dress.

Instead she wanted a black wedding dress…

“Black is classic. It looks good on just about everyone. It’s bold, it’s sexy, it’s daring.”

Sophia’s husband fully supported her choice, even suggesting the idea himself when they first got engaged.

Breaking the rule book seriously paid of for the couple.

Sophia’s been overwhelmed by the positive responses she’s received about the dress.

“We don’t do anything by the book.”

Here’s to wishing the happy family an amazing future as they continue to break the rules!

h/t Boredpanda

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