Artist Visits Sick Children in Hospital, Gives Them Amazing Tattoos to Cheer Them Up

After New Zealand artist Benjamin Lloyd publicly announced on Facebook that he’d visit Auckland’s Starship Children’s Hospital and give the children there temporary tattoos if he got 50 likes, he never imagined the response he’d get. Forget 50 likes, Lloyd ended up receiving more than 450,000 and true to his word he plans to visit the hospital soon.

A talented air brush artist with more than ten years of experience Lloyd has only just started tattooing but you’d never know that from looking at his impressive work. Previously he’d only done tattoos for fun and on adults at that, but after offering to ‘ink’ sick children at the hospital to help cheer them up he was overwhelmed with the positive response he received.

For now Lloyd is gearing up for his visit and tattoo marathon at the hospital so in the meantime here are few examples of what the kids can expect. Awesome work!

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