Visitors at Museum Start Photographing Random Pair of Glasses Left on the Floor

On a recent trip to an art museum in San Francisco two teens decided to play a pretty hilarious prank on the visitors by placing a pair of glasses on the floor. Curious as to what they were other visitors began photographing the glasses believing that they were a part of the exhibition and soon people were crowding around them.

The two pranksters, twitter users @TJCruda and @k_vinnn were on hand to take photos of the other visitors as they curiously looked on, trying to work out exactly what this modern piece of ‘art’ was about – some of them even felt compelled to take a photo.

Apparently the duo decided to pull the prank after they were left unimpressed with what San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art had to offer, deciding to create their own exhibit instead. It seemed to go down well too, not just with other museum visitors but with Twitter users too as the tweet about the prank has since been retweeted 40,000 times!

Proof that these days just about anything can be considered ‘art’.

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