Father and His Astronaut Son Explore the World in Cute Photo Series

Kids are often told that the world is their oyster and that the sky’s the limit when it comes to what they can do with their lives, but the irony of it all is that many of us never take the same outlook on our own lives. Bogged down by the responsibilities of day to day life and adulthood in general it’s far too easy to forget that there’s a whole world out there yet to discover. 

Inspired by this idea photographer Aaron Sheldon and his four-year-old son decided to create a series titled Small Steps Are Giant Leaps, which turns boring trips to the shops and menial tasks into amazing moments of exploration. The series started off one day when Sheldon was travelling on the bus with his son and realised how fascinated his son was with the idea of transport, something that Sheldon wouldn’t normally give a second thought too.

Inspired by the way in which his son looks at the entire world as one big adventure waiting to happen he decided to create a photo series in which his son dresses as an astronaut, an explorer of the cosmos. The end result is a playful and fun series that embraces the dreams and joys of childhood and turns some of adulthoods most mundane moments in something exciting. You can see more of Sheldon’s work on his website and Facebook.

Source: bplususdimagedesign.com

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