Polish Photographer Snaps the Cutest Dog Portraits You’ve Ever Seen

Some of you may remember that a while back now we shared the work of Polish photographer Alicja Zmyslowska who’s unique eye and talent behind the camera gives her the ability to capture some truly adorable photos of dogs, each showing their unique personalities and now she’s back with more.

For those already in the know, dogs are quite possibly one of the most loving and loveable animals on earth and Zmyslowska has a talent for capturing exactly what it is that makes them so loveable in her photos.

Zmyslowska’s love for animals started at an early age and she’d always dreamt of owning her own dog, a dream that came true in 2006 when Kiara the golden retriever came into her life. Having always practiced with whatever camera she could get her hands on she eventually purchased her first DSLR camera and the rest is history… you can see more amazing dog portraits over on Zmyslowska’s FacebookInstagram and 500px profile.


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