This Artist Spent 1000s of Hours Creating an Anatomically Correct Heart from Wire

Not just your average artist Anne Mondro likes to pay attention to the smaller details, so much so that she has spent thousands of hours creating an anatomically correct heart sculpture crafted from thin copper wire with the end result being nothing less that amazing.

That careful eye for detail comes from Mondro’s other profession as an Associate Professor at the School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan. Spending around a year researching the anatomy of the heart in order to make sure her art is anatomically correct as possible the artist used the universities facilities to create a 3D model and a prototype of sorts before beginning its construction.

The piece itself is incredible personal to Mondro as she explains, “I’ve been working with older adults with memory loss and their caregivers. It’s so intense to be a caregiver. When you care for a loved one, the two of you become intertwined. You take on their vulnerabilities but also their strengths. As I thought about that relationship, it was important that these forms be tied together somehow.”


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