20 Beautifuly Remote Cabins Perfect for People Who Don’t Like People

Although the idea of living in a busy city and embracing all that it has to offer in the way of culture and experiences is appealing, that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with wanting something on the complete opposite end of the spectrum – a trip away from everything and everyone.

In the busy world that we live in it’s far too easy to forget that places like these isolated and remote cabins still exist and they’re out there waiting to be explored. For many the idea of being cut off from the outside world is a scary one, these cabins will leave you wanting to disappear off the grid forever.

Glenn Carstens-Peters
Jay Toor
Steinar La Engeland
Sweet Ice Cream Photography
Paul Itkin
Peter Žagar
Steinar La Engeland
Stephy Pariande
Bradley Swenson
Gérôme Bruneau
Isaac Viglione
Olivier Guillard
Owen Wassell
Ciprian Pardău

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