21 Cake Decorators That Had One Job and Failed Miserably

When instructions are taken literally.
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Most professions require the ability to follow basic instructions as well as possessing common sense, sadly though this isn't the case for these cake decorators who took their instructions literally to the word. The end result is 21 absolutley hilarious cakes.

1. Cap? Cat? same thing to be honest.

2. "Here's the image for the cake!"

3. Don't write that...

4. Ana will never forgive whoever did this.

5. They wrote it twice and still didn't realise their mistake.

6. Great effort on this one.

7. There's nothing good about this.

8. This attempt at a Star Wars cake.

9. Curt will never forget this.

10. Under neat that.

11. Congratulations, three times.

12. Just remember that it's Sheri, not Sherry.

13. So close, yet so far.

14. Who does this and thinks "Yep, looking good" ?

15. The baby in pink.

16. Ask and you shall receive...

17. Asked for two things, got neither of them.

18. (Green)

19. Can't argue with this.

20. Worst firework explosion ever.

21. Finally, just this.