A Giant Raindrop Rests on a Man’s Face in This Surreal Sculpture

Nobody likes getting wet when it rains and we’re pretty sure that this guy would agree, that’s if he could talk of course, because he’s permanently got a giant raindrop resting on top of his head as part of a surreal looking sculpture by Ukrainian artist Nazar Bilyk.

Unable to escape the giant raindrop resting on his face the 6-foot tall bronze and glass statue located in Kiev is appropriately named Rain and can be interpreted in a number of ways with the primary meaning being man’s relationship with the elements. “It expresses interrogation of a man in search of senses, unanswered lifetime questions. That’s why the man is holding his head up. The raindrop is a symbol of the dialogue which connects a man with a whole diversity of life forms,” said the artist.

If you’re ever in the area the sculpture is located in Peysazhna Alley (Landscape Alley) at Kiev Fashion Park if you fancy taking a look at this fascinating sculpture for yourself.

Source: bilyknazar.com


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