The Internet Reacted to the Queens Green Birthday Outfit in the Funniest Way Imaginable

We all like to dress up nicely for our birthday especially if we plan on going out to celebrate and although we have to admire Queen Elizabeth’s outfit choice to celebrate her 90th birthday ‘chroma key’ green might not have been the best choice… or was it? either way the internet reacted the only way it knows how – by getting creative with Photoshop.

Seeming as the queens outfit was a similar shade of green to the green screens they use in movies internet users had no problem in editing photos of the queen and even video footage, turning her into Batman, a burger, a pizza and even replacing her outfit with a weather forecast.

Here’s the original photo:

And here’s how the internet reacted…

1. Batman

2. That day your grandma wears a green screen…

3. Outfit not found


4. Sex Pistols


5. The Riddler

6. The weather forecast


7. Matching Couple

8. Royale with cheese

9. Death Star Explosion


10. Queen of bling

Isa Kiko

11. Blue and black or white and gold?

12. Invisible Queen

13. Dragon Queen

14. Doge

15. Vibrant Queen

16. Queen of Pizza

Sam Chaplin

17. Mario Outfit

18. Winter is coming

Isa Kiko

19. Hello Kitty outfit

20. Nyan Cat Queen

via Boredpanda

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