Guy Uses Photoshop to Turn His Miniature Dog into a Giant

It goes without saying that a lot of pets have larger than life personalities, but more often than not they’re trapped inside tiny and pretty adorable little bodies, but what would happen if they were as big as they think they are? this is the exact question Mick Boyer asked himself about his adorable little Dachshund named Vivian.

“She has a larger than life personality and I wanted to capture it in a picture,” Boyer writes. Friends with Vivian since she was a newborn Boyer knows that ever since she was born she’s been quite the character and the two of them have done a lot of moving around US together ever since.

Using Photoshop Boyer has managed to turn his loveable sausage dog into a giant as she explores their current home city of New York. He’s even planning on launching a book about the Vivian and her adventures around Brooklyn. You can find out more here.

Meet Vivian, a giant dog who loves exploring

Vivian isn’t giant of course, although her personality is

Inspired by this her owner, Mick Boyer, got creative with Photoshop

“She has a larger than life personality and I wanted to capture it in a picture”

The duo are currently exploring their newest home together in Brooklyn, New York

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