Photo of Peter Dinklage Riding a Scooter Sparks Funniest Photoshop Battle Ever

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After he was recently spotted scooting around the streets of New York, Peter Drinklage who plays Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones sparked one of the very best Photoshop battles the internet has ever seen.

Internet users quickly pounced on the photo of Drinklage on his scooter, taking to Photoshop to get creative and they certainly did a good job. Pictured below in shows such as The Walking Dead, movies like Mad Max: Fury Road and even E.T. this just proves that anything can be made cooler by adding in Peter Drinklage on a scooter.

1. Fury Road

2. Born to be wild!

3. Moto GP style.

4. Through the fire.

5. They see us rollin... they hatin...

6. Cool guys on scooters don't look at explosions.

7. Run, Rick!

8. Phone home!

9. Fast & Furious

10. Tony Hawk Pro Skater

11. Making an entrance!

12. Bad to the bone.

13. Peter, get out of shot!

via r/Photoshopbattles