Photographer Captures One in a Million Photo of Fish Trapped Inside Jellyfish

Every photographer has a photo that they dream of one day finally capturing, but it has to be said that Australian photographer Tim Samuel had never dreamt of capturing a photo of a tiny fish trapped inside a jellyfish and that’s understandable because after all, the odds of this happening are probably way higher than one in a million.

Yet whilst on a free diving trip with his friend in Byron Bay that’s exactly what he spotted as he stumbled across the two of them hopelessly floating through the ocean. We have no idea how the two of them ended up entangled together or if they’ve managed to go their separate ways by now, we’re just glad that Tim had his camera at hand to capture this unique moment.

Whilst free diving photographer Tim Samuel found a fish inside a jellyfish!

Tim Samuel

The fish could still control the direction of the jellyfish, creating an animal hybrid of sorts

Tim Samuel

Some say they’re still out there now, navigating the ocean together!

Tim Samuel



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