Retro Style Posters from NASA Imagine How the Future of Space Travel Will Look

In order to inspire a future generation of rocket scientists and budding astronauts NASA have put together these stunning retro style posters that imagine what the future of space travel will look like by turning distant planets and even our very own earth into travel destinations.

Complete with quirky lines such as “Ceres – the last chance for water until Jupiter” they’ve haven’t skipped on the scientific details either. The coolest part though? being the great bunch that they are all of these posters are available for free in high resolution right here.

1. Ceres

2. Earth

3. Enceladus

4. Europa

5. The Grand Tour

6. HD 40307g

7. Jupiter

8. Kepler 16b

9. Kepler 186f

10. Mars

11. 51 Pegasi b

12. PSO J318.5-22

13. Titan

14. Venus


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