19 Behind the Scenes Photos That Reveal the Truth About Photography

Photographers do a lot to get that perfect shot.
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Behind every great picture there's a talented and creative photographer, but just how creative they sometimes get is rarely ever seen unless there's another photographer on hand ready to capture the action.

It's relatively easy to overlook the hard work that photographers put into taking their photos due to the assumption that digital editing in post has made achieving great photos a lot easier, but the truth is that's only a fraction of what makes a great photo. As these behind the scenes photos prove, there's a lot more than first meets the eye.

1. Miniature models used to recreate historical photographs.

2. Girl plays in the rain.

3. Photographer uses miniature toys to create realistic toys. See more.

4. Standing on a cooled lava flow to get the perfect shot.

5. M&M's photographed in water droplets.

6. Wedding photographer doesn't mind getting stuck in.

7. Underwater dog photography. See more.

8. Getting a close up of a fox.

9. Photographer smashes mirrors to create fascinating illusion.

10. Photographing a stunning underwater portrait 25m below the sea.

11. The reality behind the 'perfect shots' you see online. See more.

12. The technical side of capturing the perfect burger shot.

13. Floating through the air.

14. Getting the perfect close up of a snowflake. See more.

15. Underwater photoshoot.

16. Creating aurora trails using a group of people and lights.

17. Surreal & dream-like underwater photoshoot.

18. A bunch of roses splashed with water.

19. A landscape photo with an unusual twist.