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Simple Lines Reveal What Makes Iconic Movie Scenes So Beautiful

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Although colour can have a huge impact on the overall aesthetic of a movie scene ultimately it's the rules of composition that determine how dynamic, memorable and beautiful a shot can be. Some movies have iconic shots in which composition is used perfectly whilst others make full use of its power throughout the entire movie and although the sets, acting and narrative have to be good to make a good movie they wouldn't be half as good if they weren't all wrap up together in a well composed frame.

To reveal just how much thought goes into composing a single shot Raymond Thi from Composition Cam has come up with this clever series in which he uses simple lines and shapes to prove what a powerful impact it can have.

The Shining

movie composition 1.jpg

Moonrise Kingdom

movie composition 2.jpg

Mad Max: Fury Road

movie composition 3.jpg

The Grand Budapest Hotel

movie composition 4.jpg

Kill Bill

movie composition 5.jpg


movie composition 6.jpg

Life of Pi

movie composition 7.jpg

Inherent Advice

movie composition 8.jpg

The Graduate

movie composition 9.jpg


movie composition 10.jpg


movie composition 11.jpg

Lion King

movie composition 12.jpg

Princess Kaguya

movie composition 13.jpg

Black Swan

movie composition 14.jpg

Citizen Kane

movie composition 15.jpg