This PokéMon Go Player Is the First Person to Catch Them All

Even if you haven’t played the game you’ve more than likely heard about it, PokéMon Go, the game that’s got people around the world out of their chairs and walking miles in the real world to hunt virtual creatures. Give it’s popularity it was only a matter of time before someone finally completed PokéMon Go and now that time has come as someone has filled their Pokédex.


At least, all of the ones that are catchable in the US that is. At this point in time Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan, and Mr. Mime are not thought to be available outside of the US and another six, Articuno, Ditto, Mew, Mewtwo, Moltres, and Zapdos haven’t been spotted anywhere leading some to believe that they’re currently uncatchable.

The guy who’s caught them all (except the ones above)? Nick Johnson, 28 from Brooklyn who in an interview with BuzzFeed said that he’d walked an average of eight miles a day for two weeks in order to complete his Pokédex – that’s dedication for you!

During those two weeks he managed to get himself to level 31 in the game and caught an impressive 4,629 Pokémon whilst travelling a total distance of 152 kilometers (95 miles) and losing more than 10 pounds in weight – impressive considering that he still manages to hold down a job working more than 50 hours a week at the same time.

Johnson says that he caught the majority of his Pokémon whilst in New York City although he caught Dratini and Porygon in New Jersey. As for catching the currently unfindable Pokémon we’re pretty sure the moment he hears they’re in the area he’ll be ready and waiting. Until then that gives everyone else a chance to catch up, unless of course someone is willing to take their Pokémon hunt international in the quest to be the first to truly catch them all.


h/t Buzzfeed

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