Artist Paints Stunning Murals That Ineract with Water Whilst Balancing on Surfboard

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Hawaii-born painter Sean Yoro, also known as Hula, is far from your average street artist. Rather than painting on building facades on city streets Hula chooses to paint on walls and buildings that interact with water, the end result of which is an artwork that interacts and is transformed by water.

Some of you might remember that we've previously featured the artwork of Hula but given that his artwork is so unique his latest artworks are more than worthy of another share. The NYC-based artist uses a paddleboard in order to reach his canvases before he begins painting, somehow managing to not only find his balance but the ability to create stunning murals as is the case of his latest work called Lewa.

Located in an abandoned shipping dock the artwork features a woman reclining as if she was at the edge of a swimming pool. You can see more of Hula's work on FacebookInstagram and the artist website.

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