The Incredible Winners of the 2016 iPhone Photography Awards

As smartphones continue to get more and more advanced one of the things that manufacturers love to upgrade are their cameras which has meant that in recent years for many the smartphone has begun to replace the digital camera, but what about the more hardcore photographs amongst us?.

Although it’s unlikely that smartphones will ever rival the likes of dedicated SLR cameras there’s no denying that they’re already very much capable of taking some stunning shots, as proven by the winners of the 2016 iPhone Photography Awards, or IPPAWARDS for short.

This years entries mark the 9th annual competition with the overall standard being higher than ever. Check them out.

1st Place, Animals, Erica Wu, United States

Erica Wu

1st Place, Travel, Fugen Xiao From Guangdong, China

Fugen Xiao

2nd Place, Sunsets, Yongmei Wang, Chongqing, China

Yongmei Wang

Grand Prize winner, Siyuan Niu From Xinjiang, China

Siyuan Niu

3rd Place, Animals, Junbiao Cai From Guangdong, China

Junbiao Cai

1st Place, Architecture, Jian Wang From Beijing, China

Jian Wang

3rd Place, Travel, Shiyang Han From Beijing, China

Shiyang Han

1st Place, People, Xia Zhenkai From Guangdong, China

Xia Zhenkai

1st Place, Nature, Junfeng Wang From Shanghai, China

Junfeng Wang

1st Place, Flowers, Lone Bjorn From Zurich, Switzerland

Lone Bjorn

1st Place, Trees, Victor Kintanar From Cebu City, Philippines

Victor Kintanar

3rd Place, Abstract, Jinsong Hu From Kunming, China

Jinsong Hu

2nd Place, Landscape, Nazaret Sanchez Rodriquez From Tarragona, Spain

Nazaret Sanchez Rodriquez

1st Place, Nature, Junfeng Wang From Shanghai, China

Junfeng Wang

1st Place, Sunset, Nick Ryan From Sydney, Australia

Nick Ryan

3rd Place, Lifestyle, Rithwik V.j From Tamil Nadu, India

Rithwik V.j From

1st Place, Children, K.k From Changsha, China


1st Place, Still Life, Wen Qi From Guangdong, China

Wen Qi

1st Place, Lifestyle, Yuki Cheung From Hong Kong

Yuki Cheung

1st Place, Photographer Of The Year, Patryk Kuleta From Warsaw, Poland

Patryk Kuleta

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