17 out of Control Mad Lads That Need to Be Stopped Immediately

Seriously, they're off the rails1
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We've all got a friend that's a little bit wacky and out there. The type to stay up late drinking cans of soda and eating M&M's all night and post about their crazy antics online. They're off the rails, absolute menaces to society and they can't be stopped...

1. He's off the rails!

2. He's only gone and done it, he's hanging out!

3. Pure madman!

4. This is pretty much impossible, how did he do it!?

5. He did the maths...

6. A cushion!? on the floor!? mental...

7. He's actually sweeping the floor, omg!

8. Risking it all for cheap thrills.

mad lads 8.jpg

9. Somebody lock him up.

mad lads 9.png

10. He actually took a bath, the legend.

11. Absolute carnage.

12. The utter savages!

13. You've be warned!

14. He wouldn't dare!

15. Going to need a sit down after seeing this.. the lunatics.

mad lads 17.jpg

16. Mixing crisps, seriously dangerous.

mad lads 16.jpg

17. Finally, this banana bread insanity.

mad lads 15.png

h/t r/madlads