IKEA Trolled Kanye West and Now Everyone Else Is Joining In

Amongst the controversy and feud with Taylor Swift, rapper Kanye West now has something else to worry about… getting trolled by the likes of IKEA and thanks to them the rest of the internet.

Kanye had previously tweeted back in March that he’d love to work with IKEA writing that he was “super inspired” by his visit to the company and that it has “left his mind racing with the possibilities.” IKEA were in no rush to respond so once again in an interview with BBC Radio 1 he hinted at working with the Swedish furniture company “I have to work with IKEA — make furniture for interior design, for architecture.” Now IKEA have finally responded and it’s not the sort of response Kanye would have hoped for.

This Monday IKEA Australia posted a photo on Facebook of a Yeezy bed design that at first just seems like a really long bed… until you realise it’s referencing that controversial music video for the song ‘Famous’ featuring quite a few nude celebrity wax figures. After the photo went viral it’s inspired the internet to start making more Yeezy inspired products and it’s hilarious…

Back in March Kanye West tweeted that he’d love to work with IKEA

Then a month later he dropped another hint…

And finally IKEA responded, but not in the way he had hoped…

Posting this photo of the Yeezy bed.

Soon, the rest of the internet joined in….

Mirror mirror on the wall…

I am not a fish.

The greatest bookshelf of all time.

A chair for people with heads as big as their ego’s.

Finally, the famous bench.


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