27 People That Had One Job and Still Failed Miserably

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Some jobs are harder than others, but no matter what you do in life you should always make sure you do your best, unlike these 27 people. Given one job no matter how simple it was, they still managed to mess it all up. The only good thing to come from this is that we all get a good laugh at their expense, so much so that they can almost be excused for messing up!

1. The irony is off the scale.

2. Looks like a troll dolls hair.

3. Jesus has been at it again.

4. Totally obsolete.

5. Long yellow things.

6. This is almost beyond irritating.

funny people had one job and failed 7.jpg

7. Well done, Africa.

8. Ouch... looks pretty painful.

9. Instructions unclear.

10. Just keep telling yourself that.

11. Forgetting anything?

12. This is genuinely quite terrifying.

13. Getting the basics horribly wrong.

14. The perfect spot for a bench.

15. The designers had one job.

16. Yeah, that will do.

17. Total disappointment.

funny people had one job and failed 18.jpg

18. So close yet so far.

19. A job well done.

funny people had one job and failed 20.jpg

20. A master of disguise.

21. Fork in the road.

22. The editor messed up.

23. The irony is strong with this one.

24. The perfect back to school starter pack.

25. Congratulations on coming thirst!

funny people had one job and failed 26.jpg

26. This ultra-rare Pokemon.

27. SOTP!