How Genetic Engineering Will Change Life as We Know It

If you’d told anyone 50 years ago that they would be able to instantly talk to anyone in the world from a small device that fits into the palm of their hand all you would have receive is a blank stare in return, but just as that has now become the norm one day so will genetic engineering. We’ve already created genetically modified crops and the next step is to start modifying ourselves so that in the future humans can be born without the burden of disease and ill health looming over their heads as they age.

Some believe we may even be able to stop ageing all together, but at the very least it’s likely that we can slow it down to an extent. This awesome video by Kurzgesagt explains how genetic engineering began, where it’s at now, and how thanks to CRISPR, a new method of copying and cloning DNA, studying and editing genes has never been easier. Whilst the positive effect gene editing will have is clear, it also raises questions on the future of humanity and the possibility that the process of having a baby will one day be similar to buying a car where you can add and choose options. Who knows? check out the awesome video below…

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