Scientists Spot Impossibly Cute 'googly-eyed' Purple Squid on Ocean Floor

It looks like a Pokemon.
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Whilst scientists were recently exploring the ocean floor off the coast of California they can across an impossibly cute and goofy looking purple squid with gigantic googly eyes.

With a body to eye ratio that makes this squid look as if it was created by animators at Pixar the team that discovered the little squid hanging around on the ocean floor commented that “It looks so fake,” as the camera got closer.

The team later discovered that they hadn't found a real life Pokemon and that the tiny purple squid was in fact a species called Rossia pacifica, or stubby squid. The species spends it's life on the seafloor where it uses a specials sticky mucus to burrow down into the sediment and camouflage itself to hunt prey such as shrimp and small fish.