The Reason Why Jurassic Park’s Visual Effects Still Look Amazing

Whilst some of the first movies to make full use of CGI now look outdated, despite featuring giant dinosaurs somehow Jurassic Park still looks just as good as many of the films you see today, but why is that? in this awesome video Kaptain Kristian explains.

Jurassic Park was something of a breakthrough in terms of visual effects and the way in which it used them. It was by no means the first movie to use them, but it’s the way in which the movie implemented them that’s made sure it stands the test of time.

The trick is to blend real world visual effects with computer generated ones, essentially eliminating each of their weaknesses to bring the dinosaurs to life. Whilst wider CGI shots of the dinosaurs provided enough detail to make them believable they lacked detail close-up which is where the animatronic dinosaurs stepped in. This perfect balance of both real world and CG visual effects is what still makes the movie so good today.


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