Hilarious Photo Series Shows Dogs Trying to Catch Treats in Midair

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Just the slightest smell or mention of a treat and a dogs eyes will widen and they'll quickly begin to wag their tales and wave their tongues and in this series Dogs Catching Treats, that's exactly what German photographer Christian Vieler captures and the results are pretty hilarious.

The photo series captures the moment just after a treat is thrown into the air and shows them trying to capture the treats midair, resulting in some hilarious, cute and funny portrait photos.

Vieler has been busy photographing dogs in his studio for the past three years and during that times has built up an impressive collection of canine portraits. Some dogs take a relaxed approach to catching their treats, whilst others go all out in order to catch them. You can see more of Vieler's photos on his Facebook page, Fotos Frei Schnauze.

Sometimes though, they get what they want!