Street Artists Transform City in Arkansas into One Giant Outdoor Gallery

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For the second year in a row artists from around the world have visited the city of Arkansas to take part in the Unexpected Festival which aims to bring contemporary art to northern Arkansas. Over the course of ten days, nine artists painted both indoor and outdoor murals as well as placing video projections all under the creation of JUSTKIDS which is an organisation that sets up large scale art events.

Although all of the artwork on display is incredibly impressive there are a few that stand out from the crowd, particularly an abandoned house that's been given a vibrant makeover by Spanish artist Okuda who's work we've featured on the blog before. All in all the artists have done an incredible job at transforming blank facades and even entire buildings into amazing works of art. The exhibition will be open until October 1, 2016.

Okuda, The Universal Chapel

Guido van Helten

Guido van Helten, work in progress

Faith47, Royal Spirits

Bordalo II, Fox

Bordalo II, Opossum

Jaz and Pastel, Rapto Divino En Fort Smith (The Divine Rapt in Fort Smith)

Maser, Argon

Alex Diaz, work in progress. 

Alex Diaz