18 Totally Terrifying Cat Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is all about dressing up in scary outfits and having a laugh with friends and family, as well as eating lots of candy, but what about the pets in your life? don't they deserve to be in on the fun too?.

To help the four pawed feline friends in your life join in on the fun you can take inspiration from this list of cat halloween costume ideas, each of them as spooky as they are hilarious.

1. Bat Cat

2. Skeleton Cat

cat halloween costume ideas 2.jpg

3. Mario Cat

4. Lion

cat halloween costume ideas 4.jpg

5. Angry Business Cat

6. Supercat

7. Mountain Cat

cat halloween costume ideas 7.jpg

8. Princess Leia

cat halloween costume ideas 8.jpg

9. Lobster Cat

10. Ariel

11. Racehorse

12. Bat Cat

cat halloween costume ideas 12.jpg

13. Pirate Cat

14. Nyan Cat

15. Breaking Bad Cat

16. Peacock Cat

17. Superwoman Cat

18. Spider Cat

spider cat.jpg