28 Fascinating Photos That Reveal the Clever Tricks Photographers Use

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Wherever you look these days the internet and even the real world is full of amazing photographs, but whether you're on a travel photographers Instagram or looking at a billboard advertising your dream holiday in paradise, have you ever wondered what it takes to get the perfect shot?

The truth is that a lot of time photographers use image editing softwares such as Photoshop to achieve the perfect shot, but this leads to a blur between what is real and what isn't. That said, even without digital manipulation photographs can still be misleading or at least not at all how they appear, just check out these 28 fascinating behind the scenes photos.

1. Historical Car Photos On A Miniature Scale

2. Dedicated Wedding Photographer

3. Underwater Photography...

4. People Inside A Drop Of Water

5. Surreal Photography Made Miniature

6. Enjoying The Rain

7. Fox Close Up

8. Making A Splash

9. Dedication For That Perfect Shot

10. Levitation

11. 25m Under The Sea

12. Zero Gravity

13. M&M's in Water Droplets

14. A Different Approach To Landscape Photography

15. Making A Splash

16. Underwater Photoshoot

17. Heart-Shaped Cityscape

18. Creating The Aurora Borealis

19. Broken Mirror Lake

20. Adorable Baby Photoshoot With Dad

21. A Bowl of Glue

22. Indoor Blizzard

23. Burning Lava

24. How To Take A Rock Climbing Photo

25. Travel Photography Realities

26. Manipulating Shadows

27. Macro Snowflake Photos

28. Umbrella

umbrela 1.jpg
umbrela 2.jpg