24 of the Most Pointless Things to Have Ever Existed

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In order to progress as a species it's important that we push new boundaries, whether that's using existing technologies in new ways or inventing something completely new. Will we look back at these 24 things as major turning points for humanities progression though? probably not. We can almost forgive the person who thought putting Twitter on a fridge was a good idea but most of these are just really big mistakes... here are 24 of the most pointless things to have ever existed.

1. These subtitles.

most pointless inventions ever 1.jpg

2. This stairway to nowhere.

3. This fridge that does more than just keep your food chilled.

4. This really healthy water.

5. This peephole.

6. A ramp that ends in steps.

7. This seat.

most pointless inventions ever 7.jpg

8. A toilet for the exhibitionists amongst us.

most pointless inventions ever 25.jpg

9. A book full of YouTube videos.

10. This sidewalk and sign combination.

11. The escalator that leads to nowhere.

12. This watermelon.

most pointless inventions ever 11.jpg

13. An unreachable balcony.

most pointless inventions ever 12.jpg

14. This incredibly effective barrier.

15. The hydrant that won't save you in an emergency.

16. This sign that is straight to the point.

17. This gate doing the best it can.

18. A golfball that you'll never get back.

19. This toilet and urinal mixup.

20. This bench.

21. This allergy warning sign.

22. This bicycle path.

23. A door to nowhere.

24. Finally, this important message... just to clear things up.