Cat Strolls into University Lecture and Decides to Take a Nap

Making students around the world jealous.
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In an act that can only be described as every students dream, a cat recently decided to stroll into a university lecture at the International Islamic University in Malaysia and take a nap. Already in the lecture, 21-year-old student Nur Elynna Binti Mohammad Shaharul Hashri tweeted a photo of the unexpected visitor and the internet was quick to react.

The cats relatable act has had people around the world laughing. Upon her arrival she can be seen sitting up, paying attention and enthusiastic about the lecture, but as time progresses boredom gets the better of her and she eventually ends up asleep. Now if we could all just take inspiration from this majestic cat and get away with doing the same that would be great.

A student from a university in Malaysia tweeted a picture of a cat attending a lecture...

cat falls asleep in university lecture 1.1.jpg

At first she was paying attention, but as the lecture continued it all got too much...

cat falls asleep in university lecture 1.jpg

Clearly experiencing what we all feel, whether at school, university or work, the cat decided to tak

cat falls asleep in university lecture 2.jpg

Lectures can be such a drag sometimes and this cat totally understands

cat falls asleep in university lecture 3.jpg