Photographer Captures Milky Way, Lava Flow and Meteor in One Epic Photo

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For his latest photograph Mike Mezeul II has not only managed to snap a photo whilst navigating his way around flowing lava, he also caught the Milky Way, the moon and a meteor in the process, proving that he's more than deserving of the title 'adventure photographer.'

Mike was stunned to see that he'd managed to capture all of this in one photo, telling The Huffington Post that “I was literally in shock,” as well as adding that “It was my third frame to shoot after the sun had set, and after I saw the meteor, I knew I couldn’t beat that image, so I packed it up and headed back.”

To actually reach the location of the shoot Mike had to hike for more than 13 miles and once there only had a few seconds to take the photos due to the huge risk of getting burnt. Whilst getting so close to lava isn't recommended for Mike it certainly paid off. Make sure you check out more of his work over on his website and on Instagram.