This Island Is Home to More Miniature Ponies Than Humans

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If you're tired of people then fear not, there's an entire island located in the Shetlands, Britain, that's home to more miniature ponies than it is people!. The Island of Foula, just off the coast of Scotland, is packed full of hundreds of tiny ponies that freely roam the land and have been doing so since the Bronze Age making the island the birth place and origin of the Shetland Pony. 

Known around the world the adorable miniature sized pony breed is characterised by its heavy coats, short legs and above average intelligence with some even being trained to take on the same roll as guide dogs.

Undeniably the cutest things ever you're probably wanting to pay the island a visit at this point to see the ponies, but getting there isn't all that easy. The only way on to the island is via a ferry or a plane with flights departing only a few times a week. With just 30 locals and hundreds of adorable ponies this is a place that everyone could do with visiting.

Aside from having beautiful unspoilt landscapes the island of Foula is also home to another hidden gem...

And that's not the fact that it's home to just 30 people...

But because it's home to more than 1500 miniature ponies!

The Shetland ponies are small, intelligent, cute and known around the world

If you're planning to go to the island then it can only be reach by plane or ferry...

But with just 30 people and 1500 miniature ponies, it's worth it!