20 Amazing Finalists from the 2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year

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Each year there are hundreds of photo competitions around the world and yet few attract as many entries as those that are held by National Geographic and now that the submission deadline for their 2016 Nature Photographer of the Year contest has passed the finalists have been announced.

Although the final winners for each category are yet to be confirmed the finalists you see below are compeiting in one of four categories which are Landscapes, Environmental issues, Action and Animal Portraits. For this years compeition the overall winner will get a 10-day trip for two to the Galápagos with National Geographic Expeditions as well as two 15-minute portfolio reviews with National Geographics photo editors. Check out the finalists below.

1. Dancing In The Rain by Vladislav Kamenski

2. Hummingbird by Emily Riley

3. Bathing In The Snow Flake by Hiroki Inoue

4. Moving At A Snail's Pace by Samira Qadir

5. Pacific Storm by Santiago Borja

6. Icescape by Kelly King

7. Under The Waves by Christopher Markisz

8. Puffin Studio by Mario Suarez Porras

9. Mystic Woods by Andrew George

10. Dragging You Deep Into The Woods by Varun Aditya

11. Ocean Guest by Mike Korostelev

12. Crocodile Waterline by Brett Lobwein

13. Alien Lights by Russell Wiltshire

14. Great Horned Owl Returning by Robert Strickland

15. A Portrait Of "Trapper" by Graham McGeorge

16. Aerial Autumn by Manish Mamtani

17. Engagement Present by Andrés Miguel Domínguez

18. Sandstorm by Eugene Kitsios

19. Wild Horses by Javier Arcenillas

20. Zebra Hairline by Yu huiping