32 Architects Who Had One Job and Failed Miserably

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Although the blame can't be completely put on the architects for some of these architectural mishaps, as the first people in a long list involved in the construction of a building if they get it wrong then the whole thing is pretty much doomed from the word go.

Whilst some architects like to leave their marks on the world in the form of unique and well designed buildings others go about it in a slightly haphazard way and as it would appear, construction workers and passers by aren't going to stop them.

1. The world's most wild wheelchair ride.

2. Spotted in a design school.

3. Good luck in an emergency.

4. Can't touch this.

5. Useless drain.

6. Exactly what it says on the plans.

7. It's like a Sims house gone wrong.

8. The ATM for small people.

9. Someone actually approved this.

10. A sitting area that nobody can access.

11. Unlucky if you picked these seats.

funny construction fails 11.jpg

12. A balcony for the more adventurous amongst us.

13. Great job guys!

14. Spiral stairway.

15. The pointless escalator.

funny construction fails 15.jpg

16. Room with a view.

17. A university building that looks like a toilet.



18. The architect had some fun with this.

19. All you need is a flying wheelchair.

20. Doorway spotted in a newly renovated school.

21. Why move the clock when you can work around it.

22. There's no need for privacy.

funny construction fails 22.jpg

23. An excellent job.

24. Just look at the time...

25. Cycle path to nowhere.

26. This is beyond upsetting.

27. You only had one job.

28. Good luck stealing the car.

29. A lovely balcony, if you can get to it.

funny construction fails 29.jpg

30. Lonely window.

31. These stairs to nowhere.

funny construction fails 31.jpg

32. Parking the car on the drive won't be easy.

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