9 Illustrations That Prove Why Dogs Make the Best Pets

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Dogs aren't just pets that sit in the corner of the room and look cute, although they're often exceedingly good at doing just that, they're much loved members of the family who unconditionally love their owners.

Sure, at times they can get up to no good, but that's all part of the joys of dog ownership, even if you do sometimes spend your day letting the dog in and out of the house for no reason. To celebrate the joys of dog ownership illustrator Landysh Akhmetzyanova drew these brilliant comics for Lingvistov.

1. They keep you busy.

2. They'll happily make sure your food is suitable for consumption by trying it out themselves.

3. Literally anywhere but the dog.

4. They love pizza as much as you.

5. They're always looking out for you.

6. They teach you to move on.

7. They're just as indecisive as you are.

8. Sleeping dog = excuse to take a nap.

9. Finally, they're always there for you.