18 Hilarious Farewell Cakes for People That Have Abandoned Their Colleagues

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Unless you don't like the people you work with, it's never easy letting go and wishing a work colleague good luck in their new job, particularly if their company was one of the only things you had to look forward to each day.

One of the most traditional ways of wishing someone good luck in their new job is to make them a farewell cake, but for the colleagues who's departures leave others feeling a little bit bitter there's always these hilarious versions.

1. When a programmer leaves work

2. Did you mean 'traitor'?

3. Why though!?

funny farewell cakes for work 3.jpg

4. The best of luck, Ben!

5. You need to leave now

6. Straight to the point

7. Already forgotten...

funny farewell cakes for work 7.jpg

8. Thanks for the "hard work"

9. Last day at the vets

10. It's a trap!

11. Grumpy cat is happy you're leaving

12. Cards Against Humanity

13. Goodbye Quitter

14. Farewell to an IT employee

15. Batman farewell cake

16. Congrats, Traitor

17.  See you on the other side

18. Goodbye John