This Galaxy Jigsaw Puzzle Can Be Arranged in an Infinite Number of Ways

No matter how complex or how many pieces a jigsaw puzzle might have, it’s always easiest if you start putting together the edge pieces first – that is of course as long as you’re putting together a traditional jigsaw puzzle and not the Infinite Galaxy Puzzle designed by Nervous System which as it’s title suggests, can be arranged in an infinite number of ways.

In total there are 133 laser-cut plywood pieces that when pieced together show an impressive view of the universe as photographed by the Hubble telescope. The idea behind the puzzle is based on something known as the Klein bottle, the idea that when travelled on, a one sided surface can lead back to it’s point of origin whilst also flipping the traveller upside down.

It’s all pretty confusing stuff, but mathematical theories aside there’s no denying that the Infinite Galaxy Puzzle is an amazing way of exploring the universe.

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