Putting Cheese in Advent Calendars Is Now a Thing

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There's not really much that needs to be done to chocolate advent calendars to improve them, they are filled with chocolate after all, so rather than try and re-invent them, London-based cheese enthusiast Annem Hobson decided to put her own cheese twist on the festive tradition by filling her calendars with cheese!

Hobson came up with the idea last year and although the calendars aren't available to buy yet, she has kindly shared instructions on how you can make your own over on her appropriately titled blog So Wrong It’s Nom.

Thanks to the awesome response she's had from fellow cheese lovers Hobson is planning on making her calendars available to buy for Christmas 2017, although we'll probably be sticking with the chocolate option.

cheese advent calendar 1.jpg
cheese advent calendar 2.jpg
cheese advent calendar 3.gif
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