Fairytale Portrait Photos of Redheads with a Red Fox by Alexandra Bochkareva

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St. Petersburg-based photographer Alexandra Bochkareva has long held a love and deep fascination with redheads for her fairytale like photographs writing “I adore working with redheaded and freckled models,” on Bored Panda. Often using the same redhead models for her shoots two of her most recent series, Autumn and Winter, welcomed the arrival of a new model, a trained fox named Alice.

Photographing her subjects with a manual Helios 77m-4 lens the first shoot titled Autumn shows Olga, a model Alexandra frequently works with, sharing secrets with Alice on the forest floor and the second shoot titled Winter shows Alice and a model named Polly embracing in the snow. 

Mixing her truly fascinating subjects with Alexandra's ability to capture them at their most beautiful results in the stunning fairytale-liimages you see below. More of which you can see by visiting her 500px, Instagram or Facebook.