Wherever This Giant Saint Bernard Ventures His Tiny Sister Hitches a Ride

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When Japanese chin Lulu was first introduced to a giant Saint Bernard known as Blizzard, she immediately found the parent figure in her life that she'd always longed for. According to their owner, David Mazzarella, Lulu was too young to be on her own and from the moment they met found a parent figure in Blizzard. The pair quickly overcame one of their biggest and most obvious differences, their size, by Lulu finding herself her favourite position on Blizzard's back whenever he was lying down.

Over time Lulu got used to Blizzard walking around and standing up whilst she was still on his back and considering that she only weighs the same amount as a pack of sugar it's not like 127-pound Blizzard notices much anyway. Although according to owner David, Blizzard doesn't have much say in the matter anyways as despite her size Lulu is very much in charge.

‘‘Let’s just say Lulu wears the pants in the family, and Blizzard doesn’t have a mean bone in his body,’ David told The Dodo. Now the duo can be found going on adventures everywhere together with Lulu proudly navigating from up high. To see where they go next you can follow them on Instagram.