Frog Wearing Two Snails as Hat Becomes Star of Hilarious Photoshop Battle

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Indonesian photographer Tanto Yensen takes fascinating close-up photos of frogs and other amphibians and whilst his work rightfully gets a lot of attention, recently one photo of a frog that's been compared to Princess Leia went viral online and then the inevitable happened... the Photoshoper's got their hands on it.

Suddenly we can see where people got the Princess Leia reference from, as it's it's virtually impossible to tell the difference between the two of them!. Check out the hilarious Photoshops below.


The Photoshop's:

1. Slave Frog Leia

2. Beethoven

3. Dollar Bill

4. Star Wars

5. Frog With A Pearl Earring

6. You're My Only Croak

7. Techno Toad

8. Devil and Angel

9. Toad's French Revolution

10. Hair and Eyebrows Done

11. I Love You

12. Princess Kermit

13. Lea and Akbar

14. Wall Decor