Dog Obsessed with Stuffed Santa Toy Gets to Meet Her Idol in Real Life

Priceless reaction.
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Considering that most of us only look forward to seeing Santa during the festive season every day must be Christmas for Kya the Shiba dog as no matter what time of year it is, she loves her stuffed Santa Toy.

So much so that her owners, John and Angelina, recently decided to take her to see the "real" Father Christmas at their local shopping mall and Kya's reaction is the best thing you'll see today.

Kya was given a Santa toy last christmas and ever since that day he's gone everywhere that she has, so after her owners heard about a Santa that was taking pictures with pets they knew what they had to do. Once introduced to Santa, Kya, a normally hyper pooch, sat calmly on his lap and just looked at him with what appeared to be a smile on her face.

It may have cost the couple $30 to get the perfect picture of Kya meeting santa but it was well worth it to capture such a priceless moment. You can see more of Kya on Instagram.

Kya the Shiba is obsessed with her stuffed Santa toy, even when it's not Christmas

shiba inu meets santa 1.jpg

Wherever she goes Santa isn't far behind...

shiba inu meets santa 2.jpg

So when her owners heard about a "real" Santa taking pictures with pets they had to take her to see him

shiba inu meets santa 3.jpg

“My dogs favourite toy is Santa, so we brought her to see him”

shiba inu meets santa 4.jpg
kya dog santa.jpg

And her reaction was priceless!

shiba inu meets santa 5.jpg
shiba inu meets santa 6.jpg