Hipster Nativity Set Reimagines the Birth of Jesus in 2016

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The birth of Jesus is said to have happened a long time ago, some time around 4 BC to 6 BC, and now that we're in 2016 it's fair to say that a lot has changed which brings us to the question, have you ever wondered what the nativity scene might look like if Jesus was born in 2016? probably not. Casey Wright however asked himself that exact question and the end result is the 'Hipster Nativity Scene' you see below.

Forget donkeys for the three wise men, they're now riding Segways baring gifts shipped from Amazon Prime whilst Joseph rocks a man bun and Mary pulls a "duckface" with a cup of latte in her hand.

It all started after a few beers when Wright and his friends started joking about how sacred religious scriptures would be different if they were set in modern times. Wright says that reactions to the set have been mixed but normally fall into one of two extremes with some saying ‘This is hilarious, I need one,’ and others failing to see the funny side and deeming the set ‘sacrilegious’. More info can be found here.

hipster nativity set 2016 1.jpg
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